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Perhaps you’re building your dream home, or maybe you’re remodeling a home you’ve had in the family for many years. Completing any home project is a process. A perfect stucco installation or repair is crucial for feeling at home in your house.

Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company offers residential stucco services in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the surrounding areas. We ensure incredible results while maintaining a realistic budget. We work to complement your home’s existing features and aesthetic. 

Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company accommodates any budget or restraints you may be under. From single homes to multiple ones, we give every project the attention it deserves. We offer a wide range of residential stucco services for all your needs.

We use high-quality, durable materials that are built to last. We cover both interior and exterior stucco projects. Our stucco contractors will work quietly so as not to disturb you at home.

Dealing with inexperienced stucco contractors can be a disaster. We have the experience and commitment to excellence you expect from your residential stucco company. We’ll take care of all the project hassles so you don’t have to worry about them.

Benefits of Finishing Your Home’s Exterior with Stucco

Your home is an investment. Its exterior is one of the first things you see, even if you are simply enjoying the sun in the backyard. As a visitor or potential buyer, the exterior of your house makes the first impression.

The choice of your exterior siding is more than just first impressions. It also affects your energy bills, the life of your residential property, its looks, resale potential, and more. That’s why many homeowners choose a stucco finish for a distinct look and energy efficiency. 

Below are some of the reasons why stucco is the best material for your home’s exterior finishing.

Stucco gives an incredible look.

The layered application of stucco creates a heavily textured surface, which is ideal for modern homes. There are many texture options that you can choose, including:

  • Coarse
  • Pebbled
  • Raked
  • Smooth
  • Swirled

You can choose between concentrated, rough texture, sweeping, or smooth application to best complement the style of your property. 

Stucco provides several customized options.

With any type of siding, you are limited with the color options. However, our stucco contractors can mix colors directly into the solution to allow you to choose the perfect custom shade. While stucco doesn’t require painting over time, you can repaint it if you want to.

Stucco offers great durability.

Stucco is one of the most durable sidings available in the market. Our stucco contractors have perfected the right application, so your stucco can last over fifty years. This is because stucco expands and contracts as the temperature changes, which reduces the risk of cracking or crumbling.

Stucco increases the value of your home.

Once applied by our stucco contractors, stucco provides a concrete shell around your home. this hard, durable exterior has great appeal and other value-increasing characteristics, such as:

  • Energy-efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to water damage

If you are planning to sell your home in the future, these characteristics can add thousands of dollars to its market value.

Stucco increases your home efficiency.

Stucco finishing can also save you money every month on your energy bills. It acts as excellent insulation, with noticeable efficiency. This makes it easier to maintain the desired temperature in a stucco home, compared to properties with another kind of exterior, no matter what the weather looks like.

Stucco reduces your heating bills in the winter by reducing heat transfer through the walls. Our stucco company will work with you to define the type of stucco you want to reach the best efficiency levels.

Residential Stucco Professionals

Stucco is a material that you might commonly use in your home, given the number of benefits it can provide. This means you want a range of services from a residential stucco contractor in Fort Lauderdale for your home. 

We offer residential stucco services, which means that whatever it is you want in your home, we have a service that can provide it.

Whether it’s repair or installation, we’ve got you covered. We can always provide you with the best.

Residential Stucco Repair

While stucco is a durable material, it’s still going to require maintenance occasionally. Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company can provide this for you. Our residential stucco repair is designed to deal with several issues in your home.

Several forms of damage can inflict your finishing. This includes cracks, water damage, and holes. You don’t need to worry about any damage your stucco finishing incurs.

Our stucco company has seen and fixed it all before. One simple visit from us is generally enough to fix any superficial or other problems you might have.

New Stucco for Your Home

Aside from repair, we can offer a new stucco installation service. This means you can start to experience the range of benefits that stucco finishing can bring to your home.

Our professional team knows the best way to quickly and effectively provide a great finish for your home and walls. Get something that will last and make your home look great, too.


When your walls or ceiling have stucco finishing, it can provide your home with a long list of benefits. Stucco is a durable material, one that you know will last when it is installed. It also requires minimal maintenance, so this saves you money on two fronts. 

Stucco is also relatively quick and easy to install, and that means even more money saved. It also cancels out the noise. No matter the noise coming from your surroundings, you can enjoy some peace and quiet. 

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