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While your stucco looks gorgeous, its beauty requires upkeep that can be expensive. Once any significant cracks in stucco are repaired, you can apply an elastomeric coat to your home exterior and eliminate future cracks. When you are looking for a reliable elastomeric stucco contractor, Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company can help.

Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company proudly serves all properties throughout Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Weston, Florida, Cooper City, Florida, Parkland, Florida, and Davie Florida. While some homeowners try to fill hairline cracks with multiple coats of paint, our elastomeric stucco works much better. 

Elastomeric stucco can bridge and repair non-structural hairline cracks in your stucco. It gives your stucco a beautiful, lasting finish that helps it avoid problems in the future.

At Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company, we understand the frustration a damaged home exterior can cause. Our elastomeric stucco can give your home a beautiful exterior that endures the elements and stands the test of time. It can help fortify your home exterior and save you money because you’ll never need to paint again.

The Nature of Elastomeric Coat

The elastomeric coat forms a barrier that shields your home against moisture. Its watertight seal works well, protecting stucco, and other siding materials such as brick and metal. It’s usually 10 times thicker than other exterior paint and is so strong that it far outlasts other exterior paint types.

A unique feature of the elastomeric coat is its flexibility. It’s made up of stretchy material and when there are shifts or movement in a wall, it moves along with the wall. It’s a popular coating for both residential and commercial properties.

Our Elastomeric Stucco Process

Elastomeric stucco gives your home exterior maximum protection against the weather and beautifies your home for years to come. Our elastomeric stucco process includes:


A thorough inspection is performed to check your home exterior for chipping, flaking, peeling paint, structural damage, pest infestation, or moisture damage such as wood rot, mold, or mildew.


This step keeps the ground moisture from being absorbed into your walls.

Hydro Blasting

Our team removes old paint and unpleasant stains from your home exterior.

Scraping and Sanding

We remove any leftover debris after hydro blasting to create a uniform surface on which to apply primer and paint. 

Repair and Patch

Our stucco contractors will correct defects in your home exterior. When you have oversized fractures or holes in your property, they should be fixed first before applying primer and texture coating.


We mask off your doors, sidewalks, windows, and shrubs to prevent the texture coating from marring their looks.

Elastomeric Primer Application

This step eliminates water from penetrating through to your home. After we apply the primer, we will inspect it for uniform application before the textured coating is applied.

The waterproofing and longevity of texture coating on your property are affected by the amount of primer you put under it. Unfortunately, many stucco contractors use one gallon of primer for every 400 square feet of a home exterior. At Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company, we use one gallon of primer for every two square feet of your home exterior, ensuring you get the best protection for your property.

The Benefits of Elastomeric Stucco

Elastomeric stucco can protect your home exterior, create a waterproof coating, and more. Below are some of the top benefits of using elastomeric coating for your stucco.


Elastomeric coating goes on thick and is there to stay. In fact, it is at least 10 times thicker than other conventional paints. This thickness contributes to its protective quality and durability.


Elastomeric paint’s waterproof properties are one of its main selling points. It’s an excellent choice for outdoor projects since it’s good at keeping the rain from permeating masonry, stucco, concrete, and other vulnerable outdoor surfaces. When applied properly, it can offer an even, waterproof coating that is there to stay.


You might not think that paint could be flexible, but elastomeric is. You can use this coating to fill cracks in the walls, and the paint will stretch to seal the gaps. This also comes in handy for a home located in an area that sees great variation in temperature and weather. 

Walls naturally stretch and expand depending on the outside temperature, and this paint stretches with it. 

Why Should You Hire a Stucco Contractor?

Stucco application is a time-consuming, labor-intensive process that should be a DIY project. The task is best left to professionals who have experience in installing the product.

Achieving a Proper Mixture

Since stucco is a combination of several products, a proper mixture must be achieved to ensure the application material will be as durable and applicable as possible. Experienced contractors know the proper amount of each ingredient to add to ensure the finished product can be applied, dry adequately, and perform long after the application process is over.

Aesthetic Quality

Professional stucco contractors understand how much stucco should be applied during each coating phase. Inexperienced contractors will not know whether they apply too little or too much. Such errors will likely lead to an unevenly appearing eyesore of a finished product.

A Job Done Right the First Time

Properly installed stucco will not need to be reapplied in short order. Ensuring that the job is appropriately executed the first time will prevent the property from having to reinvest time and money to correct previous mistakes.

Limited Maintenance

Properly performed applications often translate into fewer maintenance issues for the residential or commercial property owner. Problematic events like cracks or breakages must not only be remediated but could pose other problems. 

Water leaks could seep into the structure in question’s interior, leading to property damage and fostering hazardous materials. Moreover, cracks allow for increased air penetration, which may result in heightened utility costs.

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