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Stucco is a very attractive solution for finishing a home. It can add a touch of class and modernity to your old and lifeless property. It can also be a practical and cost-friendly solution for raising the property value of your home if you want to sell it in the future.

Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company specializes in stucco services. We proudly serve all properties throughout Davie, Florida, and the surrounding areas. Our stucco contractors have several years of experience with installing, designing, and repairing traditional stucco homes and businesses.

We pride ourselves in every stucco project that we undertake and we always stand behind our work. We only use the best and most reliable materials in the market to provide high-quality services.

Overview of Stucco

Stucco is a material composed of a binder, an aggregate, and water. It is applied wet and will dry to a very hard and dense solid. Stucco is used to decorate walls and ceilings and is often used to improve the appearance of less attractive materials such as concrete, cinder-block, or bricks.

Traditionally, stucco was made from a combination of lime, sand, and water. However, as times changed, we’ve started to use cement, sand, and water. Acrylics and glass fibers are also occasionally added to improve the strength of the stucco.

Stucco can either be applied directly over brick or on top of metal lath. It is a very useful building material due to its attractiveness and it doesn’t require high maintenance as an exterior finish. 

What are the Types of Stucco Cracks that Need Repairs?

There are many types of cracks that can occur in your stucco walls. They come about due to different factors, and these will tell you what kind of stucco repairs you need.

Below are some of the types of stucco cracks that you need to be aware of.

Hairline Cracks

These cracks are very thin, usually about 1/16 of an inch wide or smaller. These are the most common types of cracks that you’ll see. They come about for several reasons. 

Hairline cracks are most common in new homes, as the plaster settles and moves during construction. Drying timber, shifting foundations, and construction work will all sometimes lead to hairline cracks.

Foam Trim Cracks

The foam trim used on stucco will sometimes form cracks too. If you notice some cracking here, it’s a sign that fiberglass mesh tape wasn’t used in installing the foam trim. Expansion and shrinkage will then lead to cracking over time. 

Spider Cracking

These cracks in your stucco look like spider webs, hence the name. When you see this in your stucco, it’s a sign that the base coat wasn’t allowed to cure properly. This could be due to so much water in the mixture, it dried too quickly, or the temperature wasn’t right the day it was applied.

Diagonal Cracking

These cracks are diagonal in nature and often are seen around doors and windows. These happen due to seismic changes in the foundation, causing them to shift. When these cracks are wider than other cracks on your stucco, you’ll want to attend to these first. 

When to Repair Stucco Cracks

If you’ve seen cracks in your stucco, the best time to repair them is as soon as possible. Even if you’ve seen a small crack appear, you should attend to it right away. It may be small now, but it could spread and cause more issues down the line.

If you repair it right now, you’ll stop that crack in its cracks. You also need to ensure that you’re protecting your home. If there are cracks in the stucco, water can get into them and cause problems with mold and dampness.

Some stucco cracks can be DIY projects. However, with pattern cracks, the lath underneath the stucco should be repaired or replaced. This means that the stucco should be removed, so it can be accessed. Once the lath has been secured properly, new stucco will need to be applied over it.

In the case of large or diagonal cracks, there’s likely an issue with the foundation of your home. In these cases, you need to call the professionals from Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company to handle the foundation first, or you’ll just see more, worsening cracks over time. Call our stucco contractors to check your foundation, and see how it can be fixed.

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