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When residents and business owners in Cooper City, Florida consider siding, they think of fiber-cement, brick, wood, or vinyl. However, there is another form of siding that is becoming popular, which provides stylish, unique siding for your property. 

This is called stucco. Unlike other types of finishes, you can apply it equally over wood-sheathed and masonry homes. At Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company, we specialize in stucco services.

Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company proudly serves all properties throughout Cooper City, Florida, and the surrounding cities. We offer a wide range of stucco services such as commercial stucco, residential stucco, stucco repair, stucco inspection, and more.

Stucco is simply a variety of concrete laid over several layers to create a strong bond to the wall of a property. It’s popular for several reasons, including its attractive appearance, low cost, and ability to breathe in humid climates.

Stucco is a mixture composed of Portland cement, sand, limestone, water, and other additives to make the materials stronger and more flexible. The outermost layer of it can be painted. If you want stucco to work properly, you’ll need solid layers below it to give it an adequate base. 

Reliable Stucco Installation

The most ideal place to install stucco is over a concrete masonry finish. This surface is more stable and less likely to expand and contract and carry out other movements that may cause the stucco to crack. While stucco finish can be applied over wood-sheathed homes, you will also need additional reinforcements.

When applying it over concrete masonry, you need a scratch coat below the stucco finish to serve as a base layer that scratches horizontally with a comb-like tool. It is different from wood-sheathed buildings.

The wood sheathing doesn’t provide a solid base for the stucco finish. You need to use other waterproof building papers to layer it. A lath is also required to provide the grip for the coat to hang onto. 

How We Install Stucco

Below are the steps that our stucco contractors follow at Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company. 

Prepare the Surface

Our professionals apply stucco directly over solid surfaces, only if the surface has a rough texture and can absorb water. When the wall is non-absorbent, we start by thoroughly washing the surface. 

Wet the Surface

We wet the surface by using a fog spray before we apply the first plaster coat. This can reduce the amount of water the wall absorbs from the plaster and improve the suction bond, preventing it from drying prematurely. 

Mix the Scratch Coat

Next, we use a notched trowel to create shallow, horizontal lines over the perpendicular wall. The groves we create will help the coat bind to the surface.

After a few hours, we apply the brow coat. With this cement surface, there’s no need to wait for the coat to completely cure. As soon as the scratch coat is hard enough to resist cracking, we will trowel on the second brown coat to have a stronger bond.

When the brown coat cures, we keep it moist over the next two days because it is important to keep the stucco coat moist. We return to fog or mist the surface once a day when the relative humidity of air is less than 70%. 

Apply the Finish Coat

To achieve high-quality coats, our team at Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company uses a texture roller since we are experienced enough with applying textured finishes. 

Why Use Stucco in Your Cooper City Property?

Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in stucco in your Fort Lauderdale property. 


Stucco is a durable material that can be used throughout your home. As such, you can expect that it can endure Cooper City’s erratic and changing weather.

It is also resistant to mildew, mold, and rot. You can expect this mixture to last up to 50 years. 

Low-Level Maintenance

You don’t want to shed unnecessary money on protecting your property. That’s what makes stucco popular. It requires low maintenance.

Unlike other siding options, stucco does not need to be repeatedly painted, reinstalled, replaced, or regularly cleaned. The cost of stucco repair is even affordable. The only effort you need is to give it a shiny look, which requires you to wash it with a power washer now and then. 

Choose the Stucco Experts!

If you want to experience the benefits of stucco, then it’s best to look for an experienced professional for your stucco installation. Fort Lauderdale Stucco Company has several years of experience in the stucco industry, making us the top choice of residents and business owners in Cooper City, Florida.

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